DaqScribe Data Recorders – DDR214 Series


  • Fully portable out-of-the-box data acquisition solution
  • 17″ W X 13.6” H X 9” D, less than 28lbs
  • Supports up to 192 channels of analog input or any combination of ADC/DAC
  • User-programmable, simultaneous sampling up to 20 Million Samples/channel/second
  • Programmable gain and filter per channel
  • Accepts differential or single-ended inputs based on option
  • Windows-based, turnkey software operation
  • 17″ LCD resolution up to 1920 x 1080
  • RAID storage up to 16 Terabytes
  • Optional SSD data storage available
  • Many external signal conditioning options available


Portable, High-Performance Digital Data Recorder

The new DDR214 from DaqScribe Solutions provides a very compact Digital Data Recorder at a reasonable cost.  Ideally suited for mobile operations, the DDR214 can be easily deployed and ready to acquire data in a matter of minutes.  The user can configure the system from the keyboard or can simply plug the system into the local network and perform all operations from a remote PC.  It comes with our powerful DaqHunter Software for turn-key operation that provides unmatched, gap-less data recording the industry.

The new packaging supports the latest generation of Quad and Hex-Core processors, large system memory and hotswappable RAID data drives.  Because our careful selection of motherboards that maintain support for our field-proven, legacy PCI ADC boards: this new platform provides our existing users an inexpensive, clear upgrade path by allowing them to migrate their current investment in ADC boards over and take advantage of the superior processing power of current day CPU’s.  This same package will also support motherboards designed for the current generation of state-of-the-art ADC’s having the latest PCIe bus speeds and protocols for any new system purchases.

Additional information

Analog Input Options

1640: 16-ch, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC (1640)
– Bus/Form factor: PCIe x4/Half-length
– Max sample rate: 2.5MS/ch/sec
– Input Type: Differential
– Input range: ±10

3224: 32-ch, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC (3224)
– Bus/Form factor: PCIe x1/Full-length
– Max sample rate: 200KS/ch/sec
– Input Type: Differential
– Input range: ±10, ±5, ±2.5

6416: 64/32-ch, 16-bit SAR ADC (6416)
– Bus/Form factor: PCIe x4/Half-length
– Max sample rate: 200KS/ch/sec
– Input Type: Single-ended (64ch) – Differential (32ch)
– Input range: ±10

Platform Specifications

Compact, Portable Computer:
– 433mm (W) x 346mm (H) x 227mm (D)
– (17" W x 13.6" H x 9" D)
– Aluminum alloy construction
– 12Kg (24lbs) empty
– up to 1000W Power supply

Processor: Intel Quad-Core Xeon (standard)
– Up to 12-Core Xeon available

System Memory: 8GB / DDR3 standard, up to
– 512GB / DDR4 available

System Drive: 250GB (SSD)

Hot-swappable RAID Data Drive
– 2TB RAID 10 Stripped & Mirrored
(Standard configuration – consult Factory for other capacities and RAID configurations)
– Supports up to 8, 2.5" removable drives

DVD R/W Burner

Dual Gigabit Ethernet

Fold-down keyboard and touch pad

Built-in, high-resolution 17" LCD monitor
– Up to 1920 x 1080 resolution
– Optional resistive touch screen
– Optional sunlight-readable

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7, 64bit


Operating: 5°C–55°C (41°F–131°F)
Relative humidity: 5% – 95%, non-condensing
Non-Operating: -40°C–65°C (-40°F–149°F)


FCC Class A and CE®


RAID Configurations:
– SSD: Up to 16TB RAID 0 / up to 8TB RAID10
– Spindle: Up to 16TB RAID 0 / up to 8TB RAID10

Time stamping: IRIG/GPS

Carrying case: Soft case, Hardened case

Signal connection: BNC Cable, BNC Panel, etc.

External signal conditioning
– Strain gage/bridge conditioning
– Charge Amp (up to 500KHz BW)
– Dynamic Strain
– Voltage / Gain / Filter
– Buffer Amplifier Voltage Distribution

Ordering Information

– AAA: 100-1640 / 200-3224 / 300-6416
– BB: number of channels
(Standard Quad-Core CPU,16GB/DDR3 System Memory,
250GB System Drive, 2TB Data Array (RAID 10), DVD
R/W, Dual GbE, Windows 7 64-bit)

DSS201 DaqHunter™ Turn-Key Software
(Includes DataViewer & Export Utility)

DSSHSV DaqScribe High-Speed Video Software

DSS301 DSC Express / DSC2300 Control Software

DSS501 DADiSP™ Data Analysis Software

– AAA = 610/645/625B/104/164/16A
– BBB = Cable length in cm
– CC = number of channels


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