High-Speed Serial & Ethernet Data Recorders – DDR7000 Series


  • COTS-based 1.25 GBytes/sec and 5 GBytes/sec (or more) Serial & Ethernet Packet Data Record and Playback System — Zero Packet Loss
  • Connectivity:
    • 1 x 1 Gbit/sec SFP // 1 x 10 Gbit/sec SFP+
    • 4 x 1 Gbit/sec QSFP
    • 4 x 10 Gbit/sec QSFP+
    • 4 x 28 Gbit/sec QSFP28
  • 1, 2 or 4+ channel options (e.g., SFP+ x 4 Ports)
  • Hardware-based timestamp/indexing of each data frame with nano-second level accuracy
  • PTP/IEEE 1588 time synchronization available
  • Continuous/sustained throughput up to 5 GBytes/sec (40Gbps in/out throughput) to/from disk drives
  • Acquisition up to 12.5 GBytes/sec (100Gbps) for processing
  • Optional playback based on precise hardware timestamps
  • Simultaneous Record/Playback capable
  • Scalable storage with RAID, Storage space up to 144TB+
  • Abaco System’s GEIP AXIS™ Multiprocessing Software support available
  • Running under 64bit Windows® or Linux (RHEL 64bit) with powerful Multi-core Xeon processors
  • Other IO options are available: sFPDP, sRIO, etc.
  • 2U Rack-mount system 17.2″ W x 3.5” H x 24.8” D
  • 4U Rack-mount system 17.2″ W x 7” H x 27.5” D


DDR7000 High-Speed Serial & Ethernet Packet Recorders

The DDR7000 Series, a turn-key scalable streaming data recorder system provides 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE standard interfaces with storage capacities of up to 144TB. Our unique architecture and software implementation allows the processor cores to provide full line speed Ethernet traffic including UDP & TCP along with precision IEEE 1588 time stamping. Our unique time-stamping technique allows the playback rate to match the recording rate. Optional 1PPS in/out will allow synchronization with typical timing systems.

Ethernet Accelerators with Precision Time Performance

At 10 Gbps, an Ethernet frame can be received and transmitted every 67 nanoseconds. At 100 Gbps, this time is reduced to 6.7 nanoseconds. This makes nanosecond precision time-stamping essential for uniquely identifying when a frame is received.



The ability to establish the precise time when frames have been captured is critical to many applications.  To achieve this, our Ethernet Accelerators are capable of providing a high-precision time stamp with nanosecond resolution for every frame captured and transmitted.



64-bit time-stamping formats:

  • Native free-running format with 10 ns precision
  • 2 Windows formats with 10 ns or 100 ns precision
  • Native UNIX format with 10 ns precision
  • 2 PCAP formats with 1 ns or 1000 ns precision



IEEE 1588-2008, also known as precision time protocol (PTP), is a standard designed for local systems requiring accurate synchronization.  With onboard PTP support, no additional equipment or cabling is required to connect to the PTP network. The onboard PTP has the further advantage of auto-compensating for cable-length latency and automatic selection of master clock sources.



The inter-frame gap (IFG) is the time delay or gap between frames when they are transmitted. It is possible to control the IFG individually for each frame transmitted. This is particularly useful when replaying already captured traffic from disk for troubleshooting purposes or for simulation of behavior.



Our Ethernet Accelerators are highly optimized to capture network traffic at full line rate, with almost no CPU load on the host server, for all frame sizes. Zero-loss packet capture is critical for applications that need to analyze all the network traffic in real-time.


Specifications: Recording/Playback/Processing Platforms:






Quiet operation with performance


  • Single Xeon 4-Core 3.7GHz 10MB cache basic
  • DDR4 1600MHz, ECC 32GB basic


  • Spindle Enterprise Disk Drives
  • Up to 80TB Storage



High performance / compact size


  • Dual Xeon 6-Core Processor 2.4GHz 15MB cache basic
  • DDR4 1600MHz, ECC 64GB basic


  • Spindle Enterprise Disk Drives/SSDs
  • Up to 32TB Storage



Ultra High performance/huge storage


  • Dual Xeon 8-Core Processor 2.4GHz 20MB cache basic
  • DDR4 1600MHz, ECC 64GB basic


  • Spindle Enterprise Disk Drives
  • Up to 360TB Storage


Recording Speed / Recording Time / Storage:




Software Features

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