A comprehensive set of engineering, development and management capabilities means delivering a great customer experience.

Highlights worth mentioning...

Real-time Processing

Test & Measurement

Systems Integration

High-Speed Data Recording

Cyber Security

Training & End-User Support

High Performance Computing

High Bandwidth Streaming Media

Life-Cycle Management

Data Visualization/Data Analysis

Energy Exploration & Production

Technical Documentation


Our platforms solve demanding bit-stream or high-speed packet-data recording requirements.

Application Solutions

Fifteen years of engineering and development means proven solutions across a spectrum of applications.

Support & Services

From custom engineering to onsite support, ask us how DaqScribe can fulfill your service needs.

About DaqScribe Solutions, LLC

DaqScribe (/ˈdak skraɪb/) is a small technology company with over 15 years of delivering data acquisition and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

Our mandate is to exceed the expectations of our customer’s needs.

We maintain our competitive edge within the market-space through continuous innovation in both technology and service.

Our products and solutions are applied to both commercial and government applications. Find the DaqScribe name within Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Medical, Financial Services, Energy, Transportation, and Entertainment industries.