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Fast, Efficient, & Reliable Network Traffic Software

netSUITE™ software
for network recorders

software to capture network traffic

Our Ethernet packet recording successes start with the careful selection of hardware for integration into our products. ​

The end-to-end network data paths are then driven by our specially developed netENGINE™ IP.​

The result is a well-tuned Ethernet record and playback instrument, whose system functions are directed by one of our powerful software modules within netSUITE™.​

Operation workflows are easy to setup and manage from either your desktop or via API. ​

netREC™ and netPLAY™ feature clear and concise GUIs, for consideration of both the advanced and novice users.​

Your data can be found within our standard Linux file system, in PCAP-format, and on enterprise-grade solid-state storage.​

Network recording couldn’t be made any easier with our netSUITE™ software to capture network traffic with speed, security, and performance. 

Recording Features

Playback Features

Get Started with netSUITE™

Ethernet recorders are delivered as turnkey solutions, pre-installed with our netSUITE™ software license and backed by our standard 12-months hardware warranty and 90-days of software support.

What is netSUITE™?

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netREC™/netPLAY™ architecture

netREC software architecture

netSUITE™ provides our customers with full control of their data through netREC™ and netPLAY™. All of our systems come together to provide software to capture network traffic as effectively as possible. 

  • Custom Application Development (API)
  • PCAP-Format
  • Remote Control Ethernet Protocol I/F
  • Payload Extraction Utilities
  • Ingress & Egress Traffic Monitoring/Profiling

The netREC™ and netPLAY™ architecture is robust and up to date with information best practices.

The user space allows for recording, playback, and various utilities to operate the system.

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