Solution Categories

Digital Data

Recorders for 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet, Serial RapidIO (sRIO), Serial FPDP, and more.

Analog Signals

High-Speed Signal Data Acquisition and Digital Recorders.

The DaqScribe Data Recorder (DDR) product-line is both proven and flexible across many application possibilities.

Our selection of I/O options can cover both high-frequency signals or high-speed Ethernet data for digital recording.

DaqScribe's high-performance recorders are a solution for both commercial and government requirements.


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Transportation Vehicle

Critical Infrastructure



Q: What kind of “signals” or “data” can be recorded?

A: From bit-stream over a circuit to packet data via switched-network.

Our digital data recorders can be pre-configured to continuously record sensor-, avionics-, mission-, Hi-Def video-, digital radio-, general Ethernet- data and more.

Q: How much data can a DDR handle?

A: Very LARGE data streams!

We’ve partnered with the best I/O interface manufacturers, each with robust signaling and network fabric technologies. Our software-defined data recording-engine IP gives the DDR both power and the efficiency to manage data rates from 1.25 GB/s (10 Gbps via 10GbE), 5 GB/s (40 Gbps via 40GbE) or *more.

Q: How about playback?

A: In many cases, Yes!