100 Gbps Ethernet Capture and Recorder System – DDR7000 Series

[Zero Packet-Loss] record speeds up to 12.5GBytes/sec (100Gbps)

Storage options up to 1.7PB

Network File Server – Enabled

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) support

Hardware-based time-stamp/indexing of each data frame with nano-second level accuracy

Precise-Ethernet-Playback (PEP™) with hardware time-stamps – (ask about simultaneous record/playback)

Optimal Size, Weight, and Power design – (ask about custom environmental designs)


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100 Gigabit per Second Ethernet Capture and Recorder System


 Any Network Protocol 

The DDR7000-100 Ethernet Record and Playback system is the most flexible and turn-key solution on the market.

It is designed as a transmission-protocol agnostic system which is the preferred method for full network-capture of fast UDP (broadcast) and TCP/IP traffic.

Packet capture and data recording are [Zero Packet-Loss].

Data is saved into a PCAP-style binary format or a quick post-conversion into a standard PCAP file format or payload extraction.


The DDR7000-100 Ethernet recorder is IEEE 802.3 complaint with interfaces that can be configured for up to two QSFP28 optical transceiver modules (100GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-LR4).

Each data port has the full line-rate capacity of up to 100 Gigabits per second.

Ask about other supported transceiver modules for 10Gbps (SFP+), 20Gbps (QSFP/QSFP+) and 40Gbps (QSFP/QSFP+).



Choose flexible enterprise storage options, from 4 terabytes to 1.7 petabytes.

Our unique architecture and software implementation bypasses the system’s operating system and CPU resources; with extremely fast Ethernet data channeled directly into memory and then into a massive data storage volume.


Playback of the Ethernet data – back to the network – is accurate with the help of DaqScribe’s PEP™ (Precise-Ethernet-Playback) technology.

This is an excellent use-case tool for simulating or stimulating systems-under-test with the original Ethernet traffic data.

 Timing and Synchronization

Our optional GPS (PPS), CDMA (PPS), or IEEE 1588-2008 receiver-modules provides timing for both port-channel and inter-system synchronization and includes packet time-stamping.


• Networked Sensor Capture • High Bandwidth Media Stream Recording & Broadcasting

• Sensor Stimulation/Simulation • Network Security and Forensics

• Digital Packet-radio Capture* • Telecommunications

• RADAR/LiDAR • Radio Astronomy

• Photonics • Wireless Communications


*Examples: USRP, VITA 49 Radio Transport (VRT), etc.

Full Line-Rate Packet Capture

Supported by FPGA-based Ethernet Accelerator Technologies

Your DDR7000 features a fully integrated Ethernet Accelerator card and is not a conventional Network Interface Card (NIC).

The FPGA-based device is a partial solution to the high-speed recording problem as it prevents extreme-loading of the server’s onboard CPU resources.

The result is full line-rate packet capture of the network traffic.

And with [Zero Packet-Loss] being our basic promise, the user can be assured that all Ethernet packets are both captured and intact; ready for any data-dependent application.

Conversion-to-Ethernet Options

Ask about real-time conversion-to-Ethernet options; including Samtec FireFly interfaces, Serial Rapid IO (sRIO), Serial FPDP, PCIe or other interfaces and transmission protocols.

Speed vs. Record-Time reference chart

(with equivalent file-size estimates)

Recorder Data-Flow Diagram

Ethernet Recorder Diagram


 A Turnkey Solution

DaqScribe is an advanced software and systems integrator that services both end-users and larger systems integrators.

We understand the value of delivering a premium record and playback system that is ready for operation, right out of the box.

 [Zero Packet-Loss]

There are many critical network data applications where losing a data-sample or packet could be catastrophic.

These are bottom-line concerns that are typical to defense, aerospace, automotive and many other data-dependent stakeholders.

DaqScribe delivers turn-key data recording systems with the assurance that network data traffic is never missed.

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Additional information

Network Interfaces

• Full line-rate processing for all frames from 64 bytes to 10,000 bytes

Standard: IEEE 802.3 100 Gbps Ethernet support:
• SFP+ / QSFP+ / QSFP28
• 100GBASE-SR4/LR4

Packet Record/Playback Format

• PCAP style binary format
• Simple/quick convert to standard PCAP format or payload extraction


• Enterprise Solid State Drives
• Scalable Storage from 4TB to 1.7PB


• GPS, CDMA, or IEEE 1588 time synchronization and time-stamping options


• Intel Multi-core Xeon processors (typical)

Operating System(s)

• Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro (up to 40Gbps)
• CentOS or Ubuntu Linux 64-bit OS


• Operating temperature: 0 °C to 45 °C (32 °F to 113 °F)
• Operating humidity: 20% to 80%


Dimensions (Commercial server form-Factor with some size variance)
• 1U: H 1.7"(43mm)xW 17.2"(437mm)xD 23.5"(597mm), 40lbs(18.14kg)+
• 2U: H 3.5"(89mm)xW 17.2"(437mm)xD 24.8"(630mm), 60lbs(27.2kg)+
• 3U: H 5.2"(132mm)xW 17.2"(437mm)xD 25.5"(647mm), 72lbs(32.7kg)+

System Cooling

• 3x 5000 RPM Hot-swap PWM Cooling Fans
• 2x 5000 RPM Hot-swap Rear Exhaust PWM Fans

Power Supply

• 900W (1+1) Redundant Power Supply

Part Number

• N: 1, 2, 3, 4 rack height in ‘U’
• ABC: 10, 20, 40, 80, 100 Network Speed in Gbps
• xxxx: 4 to 1,700 Storage Capacity in TB

Example: DDR7030-080-0020 = "3U 40Gbps recorder with 20TB storage"