SONORAN Buffer Amplifier Box – BUF100 Series

Gain Accuracy: 1.000, ±0.2%, typical

Up to Sixteen (16) Differential Input channels

Four (4) Short-circuit-protected Outputs

-100dB Noise Floor (16-bit resolution)

Bandwidth: DC to 200KHz, ±1 dB

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SONORAN Buffer Amplifier Box


You need to distribute a single output or a group of output signals to multiple locations.

The Wrong Solution:

Your typical option is a messy cluster BNC “T” Connectors!


Our Innovative Solution

The BUF100-series Buffer Amplifier Box is a family of rack-mountable, quad buffered output amplifiers wherein each input channel is routed to four (4) separate output connectors with each channel buffered through a unity gain amplifier.  This architecture allows four devices to be connected to a single input channel and, as each output is individually buffered, the disruption of one output will not affect the other outputs for that channel, i.e. if Ch2 Output B is shorted, Outputs A, C, and D on Ch2 will not be affected.  Each input is a differential amplifier that will accept true differential or single-ended signals.

Buffer Amplifier Configuration



20KΩ Differential Input Impedance

10KΩ Single-ended input Impedance

* Satisfactory with most of low impedance S/C outputs

* Higher impedance config. is available upon request


  • Gain Accuracy – 1.000 ±0.1%, typical
  • Up to Sixteen (16) Differential Input channels
  • Four (4) Short Circuit Protected Outputs
  • Better than -100 dB Noise Floor – better than ideal 16 bit ADC resolution
  • Bandwidth – DC to 200K Hz ±1 dB



The model BUF101 is a sixteen (16) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier.

  • Inputs: 16 channels on DB37 (female) at the rear panel
  • Outputs: 4x DB37’s (male) on rear panel


The model BUF102 is the same as BUF101 but with AC coupling.


The model BUF104 is the same as BUF101 but with High CMR (up to 60V @ 1KHz BW)



The model BUF110 is an eight (8) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier.

  • Inputs: 8 channels on BNC connectors on the front panel
  • Outputs: 3x BNCs on the front panel and 1 DB25 on the rear panel




The model BUF120 is a four (4) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier designed specifically for IRIG-B.

  • Inputs: 4 channels on BNC connectors on front panel
  • Outputs: 4x BNC connectors on front panel

Buffer Amplifier Specifications


Other output voltage maximum swings, gain accuracy specs, bandwidths and noise specs are available.

Buffer Amplifier Phase Delay Measurement

CH1: ±7V, 1kHz Sinusoidal Input, CH2: Buffered Output

BuffAMp2 BuffAMp3

<< CH1 & CH2 overlapped – no phase delay                                       


CH1 & CH2 X-Y display – no phase delay >>




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Additional information

Normal Input Voltage Range

±12VDC Max

Input Voltage Protection


Input Common Mode Voltage Range

±11VDC Max.

Output Voltage

±12VDC Max.

Frequency Response ±1dB


Output Slew Rate

20V/µsec – typical

Harmonic Distortion + Noise @ 1KHz (3.5Vrms output)

0.001% – typical

Gain, 1.00 – typical (Optional gain or attenuation available)

±0.1% Single-ended, ±0.14% Diff.
±0.01% opt. Single-ended

Noise DC to 70 KHz BW (typical)

30 µVrms, -114dB noise floor