SONORAN buffer amplifier box

Gain accuracy: 1.000, ±0.2%, typical

Up to sixteen (16) differential input channels

Four (4) short-circuit-protected outputs

-100dB noise floor (16-bit resolution)

Bandwidth: DC to 200KHz, ±1 dB

Comes with 1 year Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Case study:

You need to distribute a single output or a group of output signals to multiple locations.

The wrong approach:

Your typical option is a messy cluster BNC “T” Connectors!

Your typical option is a messy cluster BNC “T” connectors!

Our innovative solution:

The BUF100 Sonoran Buffer Amplifier series represents  a family of rack-mountable, quad buffered output amplifiers where each input channel is routed to four (4) separate output connectors and each channel buffered through a unity gain amplifier. This architecture allows connecting four devices to a single input channel. Each output is individually buffered. The disruption of one output will not affect other outputs for that channel. For example – if Ch2 output B is shorted, outputs A, C, and D on Ch2 will not be affected. Each input is a differential amplifier that will accept true differential or single-ended signals.

Buffer amplifier configuration:

20KΩ differential input impedance
10KΩ single-ended input impedance

* Satisfactory with most of low impedance S/C outputs
* Higher impedance configuration available upon request

X 1, Unity Gain Input range +/-30V 10KOhm input impedance

  • Gain accuracy – 1.000 ±0.1%, typical
  • Up to sixteen (16) differential input channels
  • Four (4) short circuit protected outputs
  • Better than -100 dB noise floor – better than ideal 16 bit ADC resolution
  • Bandwidth – DC to 200K Hz ±1 dB


signal conditioning unit BUF100

The model BUF101 is a sixteen (16) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier.

  • Inputs: 16 channels on DB37 (female) at the rear panel
  • Outputs: 4x DB37’s (male) on rear panel


The model BUF102 is the same as BUF101 but with AC coupling.


The model BUF104 is the same as BUF101 but with high CMR (up to 60V @ 1KHz BW)


The model BUF100 is an eight (8) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier.

  • Inputs: 8 channels on BNC connectors on the front panel
  • Outputs: 3x BNCs on the front panel and 1 DB25 on the rear panel
daqscribe Sonoran signal conditioning BUF100


daqscribe Sonoran signal conditioning BUF120

The model BUF120 is a four (4) channel input, quad buffer output amplifier designed specifically for IRIG-B.

  • Inputs: 4 channels on BNC connectors on front panel
  • Outputs: 4x BNC connectors on front panel

Buffer amplifier specifications

Normal input voltage range±12VDC max.
Input voltage orotection±30VDC
Input common mode voltage range±11VDC max.
Output voltage swing±12VDC max.
Frequency response ±1dBDC-200kHz
Output slew rate10V/µsec typical
Harmonic distortion
+ noise @ 1KHz (3.5 Vrms output)
0.001% typical
Gain, 1.00 typical
(optional gain or attenuation available)
±0.1% single-ended, ±0.14% Diff.
±0.01% opt. single-ended
Noice DC to 70 KHz BW (typical)30 µVrms, -114dB noise floor

We also offer other output voltage maximum swings, gain accuracy specs, bandwidths and noise specs.

Buffer amplifier phase delay measurement

daqscribe buffer amplifier phase delay measurement diagram

CH1 & CH2 overlapped – no phase delay

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