Portable High-Speed Data Acquisition System

Fully portable out-of-the-box data acquisition solution

17″ W X 13.6” H X 9” D, less than 28lbs.

Supports up to 192 channels of analog input or any combination of ADC/DAC.

User-programmable, simultaneous sampling up to 20 Million Samples/channel/second.

RAID storage up to 16 Terabytes.

Many external signal conditioning options available.
Comes with installed DaqHunter Software and Annual Software Support And Preventative Maintenance Program for Data Acquisition Recorders.

DDR200 Portable High-Speed Signal Acquisition and Data Recorder


The DDR214 is a compact, high-speed digital data recorder system that is designed for mobile test & measurement operations. The recorder can be deployed within minutes and ready to accept up to hundreds of analog sensor channel-inputs.

The system can be configured and operated locally from the unit’s keyboard or by a networked remote PC. The DDR214 is delivered pre-installed with our award-winning DaqHunter™ software, complete with its easy-to-manage operator’s GUI.

User’s familiar with our legacy, rack-mount digital data recorder systems will find the same level of processing power and performance within the smaller DDR214 chassis.

The new packaging supports the latest generation of Quad and Hex-Core processors, contains a generous amount of system memory and features hot-swap RAID data drives. A selection of motherboard options is available to accept nearly any state-of-the-art and commercially available ADC and DAC.

DaqScribe DaqHunter Software Suite - Simple Recorder

Customer’s with DaqScribe’s legacy ADC/DAC boards and expansion chassis will be pleased to find that these valuable and expensive components can be incorporated into the new DDR214. This is a clear and inexpensive upgrade path to partially preserve valuable test and measurement assets.

Ask about our Tech-Refresh or system upgrade programs for early DDR200 models.

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