Rugged High-Speed Signal Data Acquisition & Recording System – DDR300 Series

DDR300 Portable Digital Data Recorder from DaqScribe Solutions provides flexible data-recording and signal-analysis solution in a ruggedized enclosure. The DDR300 is designed for the demanding needs of data acquisition and recording that must be conducted in the harsh environments of on-site testing, in-vehicle use, and onboard aircraft testing. The DDR300 provides a cost-effective solution in a compact package for rugged application use in fixed and tracked ground vehicles, or rotary and fixed-winged aircraft.

This powerful, rugged portable workstation provides expansion slots for 2 full-size and 2 half-length PCI cards, DC combination power supply and a magnesium chassis. The DDR300 is built to military standards for shock, vibration and temperature extremes. With several flexible options, including a UPS battery, removable hard disk, RAID, and rack-mounting – the DDR300 delivers the reliability and dependability demanded by our customers.

The DDR300 offers customers flexible digital data acquisition options including 32 or 64 differential input channels, onboard programmable anti-aliasing and gain, 16 or 24-Bit sigma-delta ADCs, simultaneous sampling at rates of up to 108 kHz/channel, and over 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio, including harmonics. Data storage options include a 1 TB hard drive or 2-1 TB hard drives with RAID options.

The DDR300 includes easy-to-use Microsoft Windows-based powerful DaqHunter signal analysis software for turnkey field operation.



  • Rugged, Compact MIL-STD 810, Portable
  • 32- or 64-channels data recording
  • Signal Conditioning Options: Charge, ICP, Voltage, Filter, RMS, F to V, IRIG, third party
  • Fan-cooled for wide temperature operation
  • 15-inch XGA TFT LCD display
  • Latest Multi-Processors
    Powerful Graphics Processor
  • Integrated keyboard and touchpad
  • 1xRS232 and 1xUSB 2.0 ports
  • Large Built-in RAID storage
  • Optional IRIG time card

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Additional information

Recording Speed

50MB/sec, streaming to disk drives

Analog Output

24bit DAC, Fs(Max) 288 KHz
8, 16 or 32CH (single/differential)


Operating 5°C–55°C, 41°F–131°F
Relative humidity (5-95%) non-condensing
Non-Operating: -40°C–65°C, -40°F–149°