Desktop 100GbE Capture & Record System

The DDR7000-D can be placed on a desk or bench-top, quickly configured, and then launched for high-speed Ethernet recording within minutes.

The maximum capture/record rate is 100 Gbps, [Zero Packet-Loss].

Link-interface options include 8 x 10GbE, 2 x 40GbE, 2 x 100GbE and other implementations.

Order the system with up to 88 Terabytes of internal storage.

Data is written in a standard PCAP file format and each recording session is broken up into a multiple file sequence for enhanced data management.

Fast data-offload options include a conventional 2 x 40/100GbE NIC.

Comes with installed Software for Network Recorders and Annual Software Support & Extended Warranty Program for Network Recorders.

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