Rugged mini 20Gbps system RDR70-Mini-10G-2 + Krypto500/Krypto1000

Digital recorder/processor for COMINT analysis

Comint Consulting

Featuring integrated Krypto500/Krypto1000 Signals Analysis and Decoding software suite from COMINT Consulting.
Daqscribe Ethernet recorders are backed by our standard 12-months hardware warranty and 90-days of software support.

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Smart Digital Radio Recorder

  • A miniature, rugged (MIL-STD-810 compliant), Ethernet recording system featuring 2 x 10GbE port.
  • Capture and record 100% of 20Gbps Ethernet traffic.
  • Order this system with up to 60 Terabytes (SSDs) of local data storage.
  • Data offload: USB 3.0, 1GbE, and 10GbE ports.
  • Interfaces with VRT/VITA 49 or other digital radio devices.
  • STIG compliant & AES256 encryption options.
  • Real-time status monitoring of capture ports.
COMINTConsulting Krypto500/Krypto1000
COMINT Consulting Krypto500 / Krypto1000

Digital Radio
Many Channels/Large Systems


The Krypto500 SIGINT suite allows 10 or more multiple instances to be run simultaneously, permitted decoding, classification and analysis of hundreds of channels in real-time.

The Krypto1000 SIGINT suite’s hyper-threaded architecture allows unlimited channels to be exploited concurrently.

Krypto500 / Krypto1000 highlights

  • no limits on bandwidth or channels
  • unlimited decoders
  • HD spectrum displays
  • automated / scheduled collection tools
  • save complex missions as Session files
  • new decoders added continuously
  • 4,000+ precision classifiers
  • ~ 500 RadioID (fingerprinting) signatures (Krypto500 only)
  • automatic network diagramming
  • the most extensive, current, complete and accurately-named decoders
  • numerous advanced signals analysis and cryptanalysis tools (multiple ACFs, LFSR analysis and more)
  • compatible with Allied Intelligence protocols like MidasBlue, VITA49
COMINT Consulting Krypto500 / Krypto1000
ComintConsulting Krypto1000

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