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About Daqscribe

the company, our products, and services

Why Daqscribe?

A trusted name in high-performance digital data recording

Daqscribe provides high-performance computers (HPC) and full-rate Ethernet packet capture, record, and playback solutions. Our recorders guarantee 100% packet capture without data loss, compression, or filtering.
Our integrated proprietary software offers true, out-of-the-box, turn-key solutions for virtually any application. Daqscribe leads the way with the fastest single-platform Ethernet recorders.
From the defense to automotive industries, from aerospace to atmospheric science research, and from LTE to 5G, you can rely on high-speed network recorders by Daqscribe.
daqscribe lab, where high-speed data acquisition recorders are designed


Meet the Team Leaders

Youngsoo Kim, COO

Youngsoo Kim

President and CTO

Michael Powell, Marketing

Michael A. Powell

Global Sales Executive

Arun Seth

Arun Sheth

Venture Advisor

Delivering data recording solutions to our valued customers & partners