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Our platforms solve high-density sensor data, serial data, or high-speed network recording requirements.

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DaqScribe offers a comprehensive set of engineering services; from systems design to field technical support.


Over 15 years of systems integration expertise means proven solutions for many data-dependent applications.

High-Speed Network Capture and Record Systems


Our Flagship Ethernet Recorder Series

Ask about both multi-unit configurations and other network-to-Ethernet conversion options.

Single Unit Speeds up to 100 Gigabits per Second

DaqScribe offers the most capable Multi-Gigabit-per-Second network capture and recording systems for tomorrow's hyper data-rate applications.

Buy a [Zero Packet-Loss], turn-key Ethernet recorder solution for any high-performance computing and data storage application – from extreme wideband radar systems to hyper-scale data centers.

Ethernet Performs.


Ethernet Recording is Essential

Today's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) is fast, scalable, and economical. The technology remains the most popular network fabric for moving data between systems.

It also presents engineers with an opportunity to optimize the design and performance of sensor-to-digital signal processing (DSP) systems.

Receive 2-Free Rental Weeks!

Jump start your high-speed recording project with our time-flexible and economical rental service option.

Ask about custom interface and form-factor options during your product inquiry.

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