*DDR70c-Mini 100Gbps model shown
DDR70c-Mini series Ethernet recorder

 9” depth x 4” height x 13” width footprint

Less than 11 pounds (5kg) in weight

Operates under 240 Watts

“…It’s great that our data is captured and preserved in PCAP format. That’s very convenient!” ~M. Kohn, Embedded Systems Engineer

Ethernet recorder speeds now up to 200Gbps*.

  • Agnostic packet capture from Layer-2
  • Optimized size, weight, and power
  • Never a compromise on full packet capture
  • No tricks. No gimmicks.

The integration of FPGA-based Ethernet interfaces with deep memory is one of the secrets to our product’s superior packet capture and recording performance.​

Our turnkey products can be immediately deployed from your initial setup to capture streaming TCP/IP (non-negotiating) or UDP/IP packet data at full-rate.

There are also convenient reasons to set up your recorder to perform stateless packet filtering before storing data.​

Select products can be ordered with up to 1.6 Petabytes of storage and 160Gbps throughput performance.

This gives users a “Look Back In Time” ability to perform valuable post-analytical functions on real-world network data.​

Popular partner software tools that you may use directly with your Daqscribe recorder include Wireshark® and MathWorks®.

Use our storage capacity calculator to select the best recorder model that fits your needs.​

How much storage do you need for your recording time?

Powerful. Simple.

Our Ethernet Engine IP and netSUITE™

  • Well-placed graphical controls​
  • Intuitive operations workflow
  • Intelligent processor management

“…They couldn’t have made [Ethernet/IP] recording any easier for us.” ~Applied Physics Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing

Our Ethernet packet recording successes start with carefully selecting hardware for integration into our products.

​The end-to-end network data paths are then driven by our specially developed network-engine IP.​

The result is a well-tuned Ethernet record and playback instrument, whose system functions are directed by one of our powerful software modules within netSUITE™.​

Operation workflows are easy to set up and manage from your desktop or via API. ​

netREC™ and netPLAY™ feature clear and concise GUIs, for consideration of both the advanced and novice users.​

Your data can be found within our standard Linux file system, in PCAP-format, and on enterprise-grade solid-state storage.​

Network recording couldn’t be made any easier!

netSUITE™ with netREC™ and netPLAY™

Spectrum Research

Electromagnetic sensing & analytics

  • Wideband digital receivers​
  • Radio frequency system-on-a-chip​
  • Digital signal processing

The latest advancement in Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is arguably Radio Frequency System-on-a-Chip (RFSoC).

The technology brings dense channel RF sensing, digitization, and signal processing capabilities into an impressively small package.​

This new capability enables radio-spectrum-operations system designers to deploy their specialized products aboard size, weight, and power-constrained platforms.

Use our Ethernet record and playback products during all systems development cycles and mission operations.

Mobile Telecom

Network planning, rollout, & QoS

  • 5G wireless access​ points 
  • Mobile edge computing​
  • Core network infrastructure

5G and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) technologies will soon enable mobile network operators to bring superfast, agile, and quality communication services to their subscribers.​

Highly available Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) nodes and low-latency Ethernet are essential to this new communications infrastructure – from radio-access-point to Network Core.​

Capture and record telecom data during your network planning, implementation, maintenance, and other operation cycles.

Buy our portable DDR70c-Mini for fronthaul data capture or a DDR7000-Rx series system for long-duration backhaul recording.

Cyber Operations

Computer & Network Defense

  • Offensive computing​
  • Deep packet inspection​
  • Network capture & store​

Protecting critical computer and network infrastructures is vital to public and private organizations.​

Network security involves techniques for detecting suspicious behaviors through deep packet inspection. ​

This includes the hunt for malicious application code, abnormal data formats, and other network performance anomalies.​

An Ethernet record and playback instrument is an asset for technicians wanting to perform post analytics on captured packet data. Stimulating a network with stored – real-world or synthetically generated – packet data is also an effective computer offensive measure.​

Our products feature options for 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE-links that enable a proper connection with most network TAPs and Span-Port types.

Cyber Operations

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A 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee backs all of our products.

We have you covered with easy-to-reach phone and email support.

Ask about extended warranty, consumable parts, and spare line-replaceable units (LRUs) for your maintenance and operations support requirements.

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