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Spectrum Research & Operations

Record & Compute flow

Recorder Data Flow

Signals & Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Electromagnetic Sensing and Analytics

  • Wide-band digital receivers 
  • Radio frequency system-on-a-chip 
  • Digital signal processing

Daqscribe Ethernet Record and Playback products are critical to a Defense Force’s signals and EW systems development and subsequent deployment objectives.

Today’s wideband digital receivers and RFSoC technologies enable defense systems integrators to offer advanced signals and EW products to major defense forces.

Ethernet Recorders Family

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RDR4000 THEMIS Series

XDR5000 TITAN Series

MDR6000 SILVER Series


netSUITE™ software

netSUITE featuring netREC and netPLAY

Our Ethernet packet recording successes start with the careful selection of hardware for integration into our products.

The end-to-end network data paths are then driven by our specially developed network-engine IP.

The result is a well-tuned Ethernet record and playback instrument, whose system functions are directed by one of our powerful software modules within netSUITE™.

Operation workflows are easy to setup and manage from either your desktop or via API. netREC™ and netPLAY™ feature clear and concise GUIs, for consideration of both the advanced and novice users.

Your data can be found within our standard Linux file system, in PCAP-format, and on enterprise-grade solid-state storage.

Wideband Digital Receivers

Pentek 5950 Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

Pentek 5950 Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

iRF SMR-7500 LiteRail

iRF SMR-7500 LiteRail

Herrick Labs HTLw-U

Herrick Labs HTLw-U

Leonardo SI-9150 POLARIS

Lenoardo SI-9150 POLARIS

CyberRadio NDR651

CyberRadio NDR651

VITA radio transport supported

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Digital Signal Processing Software

GNURadio - the free & open software radio ecosystem
Comint Consulting

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