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rdr4050 Themis Ethernet Data Recorder

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RDR4050 THEMIS Ethernet Data Recorder


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MIL-STD-810 Complaint Miniature Ethernet Recorders

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Designed for any network protocol

Daqscribe Ethernet recorders feature high-performance network technologies that grab data from Layer-2 of the OSI stack.

This means precise packet-capture no matter the protocol, including IPV4 or IPV6; TCP to SCTP; and IP Unicast to IP Multicast.

Data is reliably stored to enterprise SSDs in real-time and as standard PCAP formatted files.

Access and analyze your recorded packetdata with common network analysis tools such as Wireshark® and ntop®

Daqscribe Ethernet recorders are Assured Data Availability Solutions (ADAS) offering 100% packet capture, record, and playback capabilities


Spectrum Research

spectrum research
Electromagnetic sensing & analytics


mobile telecom
Network planning, rollout, and QoS

Cyber Operations

Cyber Operations
Computer & Network Defense

Listen To It All – Protocol Agnostic Recording

We’re the first to bring an off-the-shelf, agnostic Ethernet capture, record, and playback product to the marketplace.

It’s a solution for interfacing with data at the closest level to the network’s physical (PHY) layer at Layer 2.

You can finally perform high-speed sequential recording of any Ethernet stream, including TCP, UDP, SCTP, Unicast, Multicast, and more.

Data is reliably stored in enterprise SSDs with a Total Bytes Written (TBW) performance yield of up to five years.

And because each recording session is represented as a set of standard PCAP formatted files, data is easily accessible by popular software tools such as Wireshark® and Mathworks®.

VITA Radio Transport Supported
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