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Radio Frequency scoring tool


The cyber/electromagnetic space can be as dangerous as the conventional ground, air, and sea battlespaces. That’s why military and defense organizations task companies such as Textron Systems and Daqscribe to build the most advanced Electromagnetic (RF) threat simulation solutions.

Textron Systems now delivers its Radio Frequency Scoring Tool (RFST) with Daqscribe’s Ethernet recording technology built in. During RF environment simulation, Textron Systems’ RFST provides persistent signal performance scoring of a co-located RF simulator, including Textron Systems’ A2PATS products.

RFST digitizes the simulated RF environment which produces massive amounts of streaming digital radio information (i.e., I-Q data). I-Q data packets are reliably recorded and processed on Daqscribe’s high-speed Ethernet recording technology for post-scenario signals analysis.

Learn more about both Daqscribe’s Smart Digital Radio Recording solutions and Textron Systems’ RFST product lines.

Textron Systems
daqscribe - packet capture • record • playback

RF Scoring tool (RFST) for validating RF simulator signal output

RFST software highlighted benefits
RFST real-time comparison features

RFST operators’ GUI (SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs)

RFST operators’ GUI (SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs)

Textron RF Scoring Tool

Textron RFST hardware station with Daqscribe recorder built-in

Daqscribe smart digital radio recording

Daqscribe recorder highlighted benefits
Daqscribe recorder features

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