Our commitment to our clients

Our service solutions satisfy our most exacting clients.

We begin with designing and manufacturing high-quality networking and computing systems backed by a standard 12-month repair guarantee.

We then offer specialized support options to maximize the reliability and usefulness of our high-performance recorders.

Advanced support options include phone and email technical support, extended warranty coverage, managed life-cycle support plans, and quick turnaround repair services.

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Daqscribe Quality Assurance processes

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Sales team is accessible 5 days a week:
Monday – Friday, 9 am -5 pm Mountain Time, with exception of federal holidays.


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We offer engineering and integration support services at our standard, multi-level rates.

  • Systems concept development
  • Software & hardware design and architecture
    • Real-time applications
    • Embedded software/hardware
    • Data visualization/Data analytics
    • Human-factors (user interface design)
  • Systems engineering & integration
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Quality Assurance and Configuration Management

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Daqscribe offers both repair and replacement services from its design and manufacturing center in Centennial, CO.


RMA services can be requested by phone or email and are quoted at our current time & material rates.


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fax: (303) 220-7450

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Daqscribe product training is conveniently offered at our HQs in Centennial, Colorado, USA at our standard, per day rate.


You may opt to receive customized, on-site training at our standard travel and daily rates.


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Daqscribe offers on-site installation at our standard travel, time, and material rates.

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Technical manuals and documentation:

  • Quick-start guides
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Operation manuals
  • Software API

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Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage


12-months hardware, 90-day software support

Daqscribe warrants that the hardware products it manufactures will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The standard warranty term is 12-months beginning on the date of shipment.


Standard Manufacturer's Warranty coverage description


Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage
(Up to 24-months of additional hardware and software support)


Daqscribe offers an extended warranty option to its customers that covers the second and third years of the product life cycle. Daqscribe will provide service and repair of covered products returned to Daqscribe facility. Extended warranty service must be purchased within 90 days of taking receipt of the product by contacting Daqscribe.


Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage description


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phone: (303) 220-7457 ext.102
fax: (303) 220-7450

Product Lifecycle Management


Daqscribe is committed to supporting customer programs throughout those program life cycles.


As part of this commitment to maximize the long-term availability of our products, we offer flexible options that enable you to stay in control of your system configuration throughout your program’s lifetime. This will reduce your risk and long-term cost of ownership while maintaining the performance of the whole system and mitigating potential problems caused by component obsolescence.


Product Lifecycle Management encompasses a range of innovative services designed to provide customers with solutions precisely tailored to their needs, enabling program support well beyond the initial installation.


PLM is independent of warranties and begins with order placement. Other options include:


  • Line Replacement Units (LRU) management, which provides customers with components designed to be replaced quickly by field operators,
  • Spares Kits consisting of critical elements for replacement the most (externally) accessible components that support the LRU program.
Delivered and maintained on customer’s site


Stored and maintained at a Daqscribe facility (consignment)


The storage service is an annual arrangement for storage of components, for future potential use in new-build, upgrade or repair of Daqscribe-supplied products. Typically, components are stored for periods up to a total of five (5) years. We will segregate, store, and maintain PLM related components and equipment an environment designed to maintain their security, performance, and viability in accordance with good commercial practices.

Risk management and protection

Daqscribe implements internal QA processes as part of its Information assurance (IA) framework to protect against and manage risk related to the use, storage, and transmission of data. IA practices are conducted through the Security Compliance Framework and Cybersecurity Compliance.

Security compliance framework

Daqscribe maintains an information security framework through a series of documented agreed and understood policies, procedures, and processes that define how information is managed in business, to lower risk and vulnerability, and increase confidence in information security.

Cybersecurity Compliance Services

Frameworks for cybersecurity will typically provide recommendations on implementing and managing the various aspects of a security program, access control, authentication, encryption, monitoring, reporting, incident response, and risk management.

US Government Standards. Daqscribe’s internal IA practices are designed and tested to meet stringent industry standards. These standards include:


Security Technical Implementation Guide. STIGS protect against hacks to sensitive and highly confidential government assets. As part of its IA commitment to its government customers (Aerospace + Defense), Daqscribe systems can be built to comply with STIG standards and follow the rules set up by the government for installing IT systems.


Self-Encrypting Drives – Federal Information Processing Standards. Other US Government standards utilized by Daqscribe are FIPS, in particular FIPS 140-2. FIPS 140-2 applies to any product that might store or transmit sensitive data. This standard ensures that a product uses sound security practices, such as strong encryption algorithms and methods. It also specifies how individuals (or other processes) must be authorized in order to utilize the product, and how modules or components must be designed to securely interact with other systems. FIPS 140-2 uses Level 2 security, requiring role-based authentication (not individual user authentication), as well as the ability to detect tampering by using physical locks and tamper-evident seals.