Proven High-Speed Data Recorder Solutions

Ethernet is pushing towards higher data-rate limits to keep pace with demanding high-performance computing applications.

From advanced radar systems to data center intelligence, DaqScribe responds with the most capable 10 Gigabit – and now – Dual 40 Gigabit Ethernet recorders to capture it all.


Introducing the new DDR7000 Series Dual 40 Gigabit Ethernet Recorder

DDR Recorder Systems Overview

The DaqScribe Data Recorder (DDR) product-line is both proven and flexible across many application possibilities.

Our selection of I/O options can cover both high-frequency analog signals or high-speed packet data for digital recording.

DaqScribe's high-performance serial data and Ethernet recorders are a solution for both commercial and government requirements.


DaqScribe's recording solutions for…

Aerospace • Defense • Telecommunications • Medical • Financial Services • Energy • Transportation • Entertainment


Q: What kind of “signals” or “data” can be recorded?
A: From bit-stream over a circuit (e.g., digitized sensor data) to packet data via switched network.

Our digital data recorders can be pre-configured to continuously record sensor-, avionics-, mission-, Hi-Def video-, digital radio-, general Ethernet- data and more.

Q: How much data can a DDR handle?
A: Very LARGE data streams!

We’ve partnered with the best I/O interface manufacturers, each with robust signaling and network fabric technologies.

Our software-defined serial data and Ethernet recorder-engine IP gives the DDR both power and the efficiency to manage data rates from 1.25 GB/s (10 Gbps via 10GbE), 5 GB/s (40 Gbps via 40GbE) or *more.

The streaming data can be analyzed, visualized and then accurately recorded without theoretical end.

Q: How about playback?
A: In many cases, Yes!

The Most Flexible Ethernet Recorder Platforms

A DDR Record & Playback demonstration for Virtual Reality cinema applications

UDP IP Multicast Video Record & Play Demo on a DDR7000

DaqScribe Solutions

Our name can be found in many industries


A cyber/information operations solution for both tactical and strategic national security applications

Transportation Vehicle

Delivering robust test and measurement systems for ground, air and space vehicle producers

Critical Infrastructure

Security and integrity-monitoring solutions for vulnerable public structures and facilities


Supporting both public and private organizations meet their requirements with enterprise solutions

A Trusted Name in High-Performance Digital Data Recording

Our advanced digital data Record & Playback engine is a significant piece of Intellectual Property within the DaqScribe portfolio.

The software technology is core to the performance of the entire serial data and 10 Gigabit Ethernet DDR product-line.

We've recruited the best hardware and software architects, over many years, to reach and maintain high-performance recording excellence.

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