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High-Speed Data Meets an Extreme Recording Solution

DDR-7000 Series 40 Gigabit Ethernet Data Recorders

DaqScribe’s data Record & Playback innovations are the rewards from key Test & Measurement projects.

It's not surprising that these solutions can also be applied to many other high-performance data recording, playback and analysis requirements.

Discover how these powerful platforms can solve your unique recording needs.


DDR Recorder System Overview

The DaqScribe Data Recorder (DDR) product-line is both proven and flexible across many application possibilities.

One of two model categories can be chosen to address either high-frequency analog signals or high-speed packet data (digital) for recording.

DaqScribe's high-performance recorders are a solution for both commercial and government requirements.


DaqScribe's recording solutions for…

Aerospace • Defense • Telecommunications • Medical • Financial Services • Energy • Transportation • Entertainment


Q: What kind of “signals” or “data” can be recorded?
A: From bit-stream over a circuit (e.g., digitized sensor output) to packet data via switched network.

–  Various DDR model options can continuously record acoustic, radio (RF), transducer, strain gauge, accelerometer, video, Ethernet packet, serial data and more.

Q: How much data can a DDR handle?
A: Very LARGE data streams!

– We’ve partnered with the best I/O interface manufacturers, each with robust signaling and network fabric technologies.

– Our software recording-engine IP gives the DDR both power and the efficiency to manage data rates from 1.25 GB/s (10 Gbit/sec), 5 GB/s (40 Gbit/sec) or *more.

– The streaming data can be analyzed, visualized and then accurately recorded without theoretical end.

Q: How about playback?
A: In many cases, Yes!

A Highly Flexible Recording Solution

A zero packet loss, IP Multicast video record & play demonstration

Multicast Video Record & Play Demo

DaqScribe Solutions

Our name can be found in many industries


Offering cyber/information technology solutions to national and global security organizations

Transportation Vehicle

Delivering robust test and measurement systems for ground, air and space vehicle producers

Critical Infrastructure

Security and integrity-monitoring solutions for vulnerable public structures and facilities


Supporting both public and private organizations meet their requirements with enterprise solutions

A Trusted Name in High-Performance Data Recording

Our advanced Record & Playback engine is a significant piece of Intellectual Property within the DaqScribe portfolio.

The software technology is core to the performance of the entire DDR product-line.

We've recruited the best hardware and software architects, over many years, to reach and maintain high-performance recording excellence.

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