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High-Performance Data Recording & Processing

DaqScribe’s signal recording and digital signal processing innovations are the rewards from select custom-engineering and development projects. It's not surprising that these solutions can also be applied to many other high-performance data recording and analysis requirements.

Discover how our powerful platforms can solve your unique needs.

Applications Overview

DaqScribe's DDR product series solves demanding analog signal and digital data recording problems.

  • First the appropriate core DDR platform is selected for the application.
  • Then we deploy our systems and integration expertise to deliver a complete recording solution for the requirement.

Our solutions are applied to both commercial and government applications. Find the DaqScribe name within Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Medical, Financial Services, Energy, Transportation, and Entertainment industries.

Data Recording and Analysis Q&A

Q: What kind of “signals” or “data” can be recorded?
A: From bit-stream over a circuit (e.g., digitized sensor output) to packet-data through a switched network.

– This includes acoustic, radio (RF), transducer, strain gauge, accelerometer, video, Ethernet packet, serial data and more.

Q: How much data can be managed?
A: A LOT of data!

– We’ve partnered with the right I/O interface manufacturers with robust signaling and network fabric technologies.
We then built efficient processing-engines with enough power to manage data rates up to 12.5GB/s (or 100GbE)!
The streaming data can be analyzed/visualized and then accurately recorded without theoretical end.

Q: How about playback?
A: In many cases, Yes!

(Magical? Close Enough!)

A “Sensor to Browser” Technology Leader

We’re talking serious technology-development from our company’s core. We recruit some of the most talented hardware and software engineers that would make your – well – the average small tech company giddy.

This helps DaqScribe create both powerful and valuable intellectual property. We make unending efforts to maintain our edge in an expanding world of signal and data recording requirements.


Offering superior technology solutions to national and global security organizations.


Delivering reliable testing and measurement systems for both aviation and space systems producers.

Critical Infrastructure

Assurance and security solutions for a stakeholder's most vulnerable structures and facilities.


Supporting both public and private organizations with their unique set of technology needs – from requirement to solution.

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