Data networks are breaking through extraordinary limits...

10/40/80 Gbps Recorders

And to keep pace with tomorrow's hyper data-rate applications, DaqScribe will continue to offer the most capable Multi-Gigabit Per Second recorders to capture it all.

Buy DaqScribe recorders for high-performance computing and data storage applications – from advanced radar systems to massive cloud-based services platforms.


Our Flagship DDR7000 Series 80 Gbps Recorder

Solutions Delivered.


Our platforms solve high-density sensor data or high-speed data-packet recording requirements.

Applications & Solutions

Over fifteen years of engineering and development means proven solutions across a spectrum of applications.

Support & Services

From custom engineering to onsite support, ask us how DaqScribe can fulfill your service needs.

Try a 10 or 40 Gigabit Ethernet Recorder for 2-Free Weeks

We also build them tough, compact, and low-powered...


Rugged (RDR) or compact (DDRMini) 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet recorders make great demos, but are in high-demand. Reserve today!

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