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Daqscribe at The Association of Old Crows Convention 2023

Embracing Technological Advancements

The Association of Old Crows Convention 2023 served as a gathering of minds for technological advancements, where companies unveiled their latest offerings. Daqscribe, our company specializing in Ethernet Data Recorders, took part at this event.

Amidst engaging conversations and live demonstrations at our booth, we showcased the remarkable capabilities of our recorders, highlighting their capacity to efficiently handle large volumes of data at high speeds.

Unveiling the XDR5000 TITAN series

We showcased our brand new product line, the XDR5000 TITAN Series. Designed for use in extreme, unpressurized environments ranging from freezing to scorching temperatures, and vast, erratic changes in air pressure, most suitable for aircraft and vehicles in rugged environments.

The convention provided an excellent platform to connect with industry experts and enthusiasts eager to explore the realm of data recording technologies.

The experience was rewarding as we fostered meaningful connections and exchanged insights with fellow innovators. Departing from the convention, we felt strengthened by the enthusiasm and interest shown by attendees, further motivating us to enhance our recorder technology and bring new ideas to the drawing board for our current future products. 

We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth and contributed to making the event a success. Keep an eye on Daqscribe as we continue to push the boundaries of data recording innovation.