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Ethernet Capture, Record, and Playback.

XDR5100 Tian Ethernet Data Recorder
The New XDR5100 TITAN – MIL-STD 810 Designed

Ethernet Recorders Family

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RDR4000 THEMIS Series

XDR5000 TITAN Series

MDR6000 SILVER Series



The integrated Xilinx® UltraScale+ FPGA technology plus our nStudio™ network recording engine IP is key to our product’s stellar performance.

200Gbps Ethernet record and playback operations are performed without missing packets and achieved within the industry’s most compact instrument designs!

Capture an entire TCP/IP or UDP/IP packet stream and secure your data aboard NVMe TCG® Opal SSC encryption-ready drives (SEDs).

Order systems with up to 1.6 Petabytes of storage for multi-session or exceptionally long-duration recordings.

Unleash the power of Wireshark®, MathWorks®, and many other popular analytics software products by giving them direct access to your data, recorded as PCAP formatted files.

And our Ethernet recorders are delivered to you “Ready,” which means quicker setup times, simpler operations, and reliability.

Start with our recorder storage capacity calculator to select the best Daqscribe model for your needs.

“Daqscribe recorders are the smallest and fastest products we could find that met the project and mission requirements…”

– M. Khan, Embedded Systems Engineer

MDR6050 SILVER Ethernet Data Recorder

How Much Storage will you Need for Your Record Times?

Our Network Engine IP & nStudio™

Powerful. Simple.

Our ethernet packet recording innovations start with designing and integrating robust hardware technologies into our platforms.

Our specially developed network processing software-engine IP manages high-speed packet flow from each system’s capture ports until final data storage.

The finished product is a highly tuned Ethernet record and playback instrument whose functions are easily operated from our preinstalled nRec™ and nPlay™ software and included user interface.

Ethernet packet recording and playback should always be this easy! Read more on NetSuite, our software to capture network traffic with absolute ease. Ready!

“[Daqscribe] couldn‘t have made packet recorders any easier for our systems design team!”

~JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, Modeling and Simulations


Ethernet Recording Solutions. Delivered.

Electromagnetic Sensing & Analytics

Spectrum Research

The latest advancement in Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is arguably Radio Frequency System-on-a-Chip or RFSoC.

The technology brings dense channel RF sensing, digitization, and signal processing capabilities into a significant small package.

This new capability enables radio system designers to deploy specialized products aboard SwaP-constrained platforms.

Utilize our Ethernet record and playback products for every stage of RFSoC-based systems development.

FPGA RFSoC diagram
5G, O-RAN, & the Internet-of-Things
Network planning, rollout, & QoS

Mobile Telecom

5G and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) technologies will soon enable mobile network operators to bring superfast, agile, and quality communication services to their subscribers.

Highly available Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) nodes and low-latency Ethernet are essential to this new communications infrastructure – from radio-access-point to Network Core.

Capture and record telecom data during network planning, implementation, maintenance, and other operation cycles.

Buy our portable MDR6050 SILVER Ethernet Data Recorder for fronthaul data capture or a  DDR7200 HYPERION Ethernet Data Recorder series system for long-duration backhaul recording.

Computer & Network Defense

Cyber Operations

Protecting critical computer and network infrastructures is vital to public and private organizations.

Network security involves techniques for detecting suspicious behaviors through deep packet inspection.

This includes searching for malicious application code, abnormal data formats, and other network performance anomalies.

An Ethernet record and playback instrument is an asset for technicians wanting to perform post analytics on captured packet data. Stimulating a network with stored – real-world or synthetically generated – packet data is also an effective computer offensive measure.

Our products feature options for 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE links that enable a proper connection with most network TAPs and Span-Port types.

Cyber Operations

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