DaqHunter software suite for
data acquisition recorders

Our longest published software suite continues to be enhanced with better performance and improved graphical features.

Associated with our DAQ recorders:

Daqscribe DaqHunter software is backed by our standard 90-days of software support.

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DaqHunter software suite – classic

Simple Calibration

Calibration of the ADC boards installed in the DDR system.

Supported calibrations:

  • DC voltage calibration
  • EU calibration
  • EU calculator: this is the utility to calculate the EU calibration data based on the known data.


  • Support hardware: ICS 610, ICS 645/B/C/D and general standard ADC boards
  • Support DC voltage calibration
  • Support EU calibration and EU calculator

*Product key required

daqscribe DaqHunter Software Suite - Simple Calibration
daqscribe DaqHunter Software Suite - Simple Recorder

Simple Recorder

Monitoring data / recording data

Provides primary operation for the DDR system.


  • Supports hardware: ICS 610, ICS 645/B/C/D with/without ICS-500R and general standard ADC boards
  • Recording start trigger: record button, external trigger signal, recorder time
  • Recording stop trigger: stop button, recording time, external trigger signal
  • Supports repetitive recording mode
  • Data display: tabular display, scope display, FFT display, bar chart display
  • Supports test plan file & test plan report
  • Supports user-defined data in channel information (channel field definition)
  • Supports Excel spreadsheet interface
  • Supports raw file name definition
  • Supports for user account management

*Product key required

Simple Viewer

Data playback


  • Quick data playback in tabular, scope, FFT and bar display
  • Playback in either forward direction or backward direction
  • Zoom display
  • Playback .cine video file automatically synchronized with data file

*Product key required

daqscribe DaqHunter Software Suite - Simple Viewer
daqscribe DaqHunter Software Suite - Simple Explorer

Simple Exporter

Post-processing and data analysis.


  • Support various file formats: CSV, IEEE binary, DPlot, DADiSP, MATLAB, PI660 raw, UFF, wave, TDF, etc.

*Product key required

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